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Financial Planning

It doesn’t really matter what your plan is, just that you have one and understand it.

At Always Independent Financial Solutions we specialise in creating plans that are personal to you.

Recognising that everybody is different, we start the process by listening to what you say to us and build an understanding of where you want to be in both the short, medium and long term. We also talk to you about what concerns you and about things you feel may get in the way of achieving these plans.

Taking into account what provisions you already have and your own personal plans we will create a clear picture of where you stand and how close you are to them. More importantly, however we will draw up a clear route map of what additional actions you may need to take.

The next stage will be to listen to how you would prioritise your needs and to agree a plan to implement actions that will move you closer to where you want to be.

For most firms, this is where the job is perceived to be over, however at Always Independent Financial Solutions we believe this is where the journey really begins. Dusting off the plan on a regular basis to see what life has thrown at you and how your own priorities may have changed is the most important part of our relationship with you.

If you feel that we could be that critical friend that will help liberate you to get on and enjoy the rest of your personal and business life then please feel free to call us.


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