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Investments are one of our specialist areas and we regularly work with clients who have not invested before. We are extremely happy to guide you through what you need to know before you decide whether you wish to invest or not, and then work with you to manage your investments if you go ahead.

You may be looking to invest a regular amount each month, a lump sum or both.  These funds may be available because your circumstances have changed, such as redundancy, retirement, divorce, an inheritance or other investment maturing. Or it may be that you are not happy with the interest rate on your existing savings accounts and want to consider alternative options.

For most investors they are concerned that their investments make them a better return than savings accounts or inflation and that the investments are in line with their attitude to investment risk. It may be that you need your investments to grow, provide you with an income or a combination of the two. You may want to know how long your money will last you or that it can provide you with the income that you need now or in the future we can project future scenarios to show you how realistic this is and also show any gaps that you might have in your plans.

Our clients tell us that the advice, information and recommendations that we provide them with liberates them in the knowledge that they have a full financial plan which is built around them and their needs and which is kept under review on a regular basis.

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