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Founded in 2007 by Simon Benbow and since joined by Katie Benbow, Always Independent offers superb financial advice on a range of services including: financial planning advice, pensions, savings and investment advice, protecting policies, inheritance tax planning and mortgages.

With many years of financial experience, covering both business and private clients, we're passionate about using our financial knowledge to give you the best advice possible.

At Always Independent, we always put our clients first, taking the time to understand their exact needs and circumstances before we offer any advice. Across the UK, clients trust us to give honest, fully independent and holistic financial advice.

"Listening is a huge part of the Always Independent difference. We're happy to spend the time with clients, asking the financial questions they might not think to ask, so that we can give them the best advice and support," suggests Katie.

Experience has taught us that no-one can predict the future, but our approach to financial advice means that you will be better prepared for whatever life might throw at you. This is especially important when you are seeking to protect you or your family in the event of illness, redundancy or death.

Whether you are a company director or owner, an employee, just starting your career, or looking forward to retirement, we would be delighted to see how our financial advice could help you achieve your objectives.

If you have a query about your financial future, or need specific advice regarding any of the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal discussion.



Always Independent Financial Solutions Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 528062
Registered in England and Wales number 6441865 © Always Independent Financial Solutions Ltd
Our alternative dispute resolution provider is the Financial Ombudsman Service. Their website is financial-ombudsman.org.uk and you can find out more information via this link.
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